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                                  Anthony Lombardi


Are you primary, critical and essential to the best CPAs in your community?

Do you want to partner with the very best CPAs and help them to strengthen their most important client relationships? Can you help CPAs to eliminate client retention risk, create more time for what is most important and improve their quality of life?

As a Financial Advisor, I have experienced the same inefficiencies that plague most financial firms. We have all been taught that if we just do MORE, sacrifice more, compromise more… we will be more successful and earn more money. Sounds good, but at what price?

You can make more money working with CPAs and their best clients, achieving a better quality life. The word “sacrifice” does not appear anywhere in our business plan. It should not be in your business plan either.

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“It has been a long, long time since I participated in something that felt as ‘right’ as these past 3 days with you all. I will never be able to adequately express my thanks for what you have introduced me to and the life-changing event you have made possible for me.”

– Dewitt B.

“This conference was amazing. Total eye opener! I loved it.”

– Jacque H.

“The first hour alone was amazing. I have been in the business for 14 years and was stalled. Burned out. This is going to change that.”

– Craig G.

“I would really like it if you guys would stop training advisors, now that I have invested time with Anthony Lombardi. I don’t want other advisors knowing about this.”

– Kyle W.

“I didn’t come expecting relationship training, but I’m smiling that it’s included, because that effects everything we do in business and life.”

– Jim D.

“Over the past three months I have generated $350,000 in commissions from ONE of my CPA clients. That’s what some Advisors make all year, but with an awful lot more work and clients.”

– Alex S.

“The thing I love about what Anthony Lombardi teaches is that it requires a mindset change, and most advisors aren’t capable of that. They are stuck doing the same things with the same people and won’t change, so I don’t have ANY competition in this area.”

– Kyle W.

“Tony’s enthusiasm and conviction for what he does is admirable. More importantly, it is contagious. Without question, Tony’s conference was one of the best investments that I have ever made for my business.”

– Harry P.

“I have a wife and three children and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time in their lives for my business any longer. That is why I decided to join Anthony Lombardi and why I am so excited about the practice that this will allow me to build.”

– John D.



CLOSED – Revisit this website for future events

Now ask yourself these questions:

If you believe that working with CPAs is a great way to grow your business, how are you going to do that?

If your goal is to work with fewer clients this year, but earn more money than you did last year, how are you going to do that?

How many marketing dollars are you going to spend on doing the same things that you did last year? What was your return on that investment?


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CLOSED – Revisit this website for future events

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  • Mediterranean-style resort featuring a large outdoor patio with panoramic ocean views
  • World class Ocean Pearl Spa
  • Adjacent to The Crossings at Carlsbad golf course
  • Private entrance into LEGOLAND®

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2017 and beyond can be your best years ever, in terms of the significance of your business, quality of your life and the time to enjoy for what’s most important. It’s not a theory or a dream, it’s a reality and Anthony Lombardi proves it every day!

Are you ready? I mean, are you really ready or are you going to keep doing the same things and hope for a different result?

Anthony Lombardi went from having over 800 clients down to just a handful of leveraged Centers of Influence. Anthony has created a practice that generates substantial revenue and more importantly an abundance of time to enjoy what’s most important in his life.

Anthony Lombardi can show you A BETTER WAY!

Instead of working with hundreds and hundreds of the wrong clients, what if you could work with just handfuls of the RIGHT ones, would that make a difference and what difference would that make if it did?

This is what Anthony Lombardi will show you how to do at his Experience Bootcamps.

This is a Better Life. There is a Better Way !