Anthony is an accomplished athlete, successful business owner, trainer and speaker. He has spent his adult life to redesign his businesses to fit his lifestyle and not the other way around.

After experiencing the inefficiencies inherent in the financial services industry, he decided to change the way he does business. In the process of restructuring his own business, he has found a much more efficient and effective way for all CPA’s and financial advisors to operate.



Anthony realized that in order to take his practice to the next level, he had to take some time off from working directly with end-user clients in order to focus his practice on developing strategic, integrated relationships with Centers of Influence (COI).

Specifically, Anthony focused his efforts on developing relationships with CPAs, attorneys, and private bankers that represent the demographic he wanted to work with.


While many advisors have attempted to work with COIs in the past, Anthony truly “Cracked the Code” and perfected the revolutionary Perfect Client system.

Anthony now enjoys a practice where there is virtually no marketing expenses, no prospecting, and no selling to or closing prospects.

New business is consistently delivered through the CPAs, attorneys, and private bankers in Anthony’s network. Having successfully trained these advisors over the past several years, it was natural that he help his target audience of professionals to have a more efficient business model.


Tony’s enthusiasm and conviction for what he does is admirable.
More importantly, it is contagious. Without question, Tony’s
conference was one of the best investments that I have ever made for my business
.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Harry P.

Anthony has addressed hundreds of CPA’s, coaching them on how to have deeper, more meaningful and significant relationships with their very best clients, where they become primary, critical and essential to them which leads to a more profitable relationship. The byproduct is client retention, organic growth and an increase in revenue per client while creating more time for the things that are most important.



The time that Anthony used to spend on prospecting, marketing and working on his business he now devotes to his faith, family, and friends.


When he is not spending time with his family, Anthony enjoys surfing every chance he gets. He surfs locally in San Diego, in Fiji, and in some of the world’s other most beautiful destinations. Anthony also loves to fly planes and scuba dive and lives his life to the fullest. He is also extremely active in the community and his church, specifically mentoring young children. Anthony coaches baseball at a local Christian high school and enjoys giving back whenever he can. Using the Perfect Client system enables Anthony the free time to live his life a better way.


The thing I love about what Anthony Lombardi teaches is that it requires
a mindset change, and most advisors aren’t capable of that. They are stuck
doing the same things with the same people and won’t change, so I don’t
have ANY competition in this area.
”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Kyle W.